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Another Shoe Giveaway!


Im still after these shoes, and what a chance to try again! Start 2012 off right.


Crafts for the Sewing Deficient

So, as ive mentioned before, my move across the country has left me without a sewing machine. Sewing was my passion, i could wake up and do it everyday, but now i find myself hobbyless, idle hands turning to *way too many* hours browsing the internet. Im pretty fed up with this bad habit, so ive been researching some new projects that don't require any expensive tools. The pictures link to their respective tutorials!



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Day 11 & 17

Day 11 - One day in your life in pictures.

So i finally got around to doing this, i documented my first day at my new school.

Ill explain them left to right, row 1 then row 2 etc.

1 - a shot from my bedroom window, its always so cloudy (and chilly <3) in the mornings here.
2 - lunch we had at Axis cafe, i got tomato basil soup and crab salad sandwich, with a peach soda!
3 - Down the main hallway of my school, i spend pretty much everyday here.
4,5 - In and around chinatown, looking for a peking duck house.
6,7 - whoops, these are out of order! 6 was taken on the bus going into school in the morning, its still cloudy!  The next is coming home, the clouds have gone and its pretty hot.
8 - A pretty neighborhood where the schools 2nd campus is
9 - Another form my window, nice warm afternoon light

Day 17 - What do you want more than anything right now?

A new sewing machine, now that ive left home i only use the ones at school, but we aren't allowed to use them for personal projects. Its a reasonable policy, but now i have nothing to work with.

I bought this great book on sewing at Kinokuniya, i really want to jump in, but i can't right now x_x.
But on a more realistic scale, id really like an ice cream.

Something else very exciting has happened as well, i won the giveaway on Moko Moko Love! I can't want to use the goodies, im trying to think where to hang the print now! Thank you, Sasa, best of luck to you.



Sasa of Moko Moko Love is having a giveaway, in celebration of her blogs
1st anniversary! Congratulations to her, this print is one of the
prizes and i think is quite... lovely <3 (hehehhee)

Anyway her blog is full of gorgeous illustrations, and i love supporting a 
fellow artist.



Day 15 & Some DIY shoe tips

Day 15 - A picture of your last mori purchase.

Ive already shared pictures of my last purchases in this post, but ive sinced spruced up the burgundy flats. and i wanted to talk about the process.

One of the hardest things about mori girl for me is the shoes, i often feel that the staples (flats, oxfords, boots) in my price range are too simple and bland! When i dressed "casual", my sneakers were often the highlight of my outfit, in cute pastels, silvers or gold. I like to wear statement shoes, but i can never afford them!

Im never one to allow just meh items to linger in my closet, so i have a simple solution to boring shoes: diy! Adding little details to shoes can make them seem of a much better quality than they really are, ill illustrate it with these elastic strap flats.

On the left is the plain one, to the right i added a leather arrow t-strap and painted the plastic sole gold. I got the idea for the arrow from a sandal tutorial on burdastyle, im a sucker for gold leather and arrows, so my heart was set on making a pair.

Here you can see what a change a bit of paint on the sole does! It really adds a bit of special-ness, a one of a kind feel.

Done! This is an extremely easy and quick way to add a high end feel to cheap items, if you have a boring staple piece, give it a makeover and its like buying a new pair, for *almost* free. Some of the things ive noticed that expensive shoes have (and cheap shoes lack) are:

1. interesting linings
2. detail on zipper pulls, buttons or buckles
3. contrast stitching
4. ribbon (as opposed to braided cotton) laces with detailed tassels or charms on the end
5. soles done in a contrasting color or material
6. treated leather (aged, distressed, coated etc.)

Some of these are more easy to diy than others, notably 2, 4, 5 and 6. Just doing one of these small alterations can make a big difference in a shoe! I have a kmart pair of boots i wear almost everyday in the winter, but i aged them with shoe shine, switched laces for red ribbons, and painted the heel cap gold. Now everyone asks where i got them, such surprised faces when i say they are from the Big K.

I hope this inspires you to give your blah shoes a makeover!