Day 11 & 17

Day 11 - One day in your life in pictures.

So i finally got around to doing this, i documented my first day at my new school.

Ill explain them left to right, row 1 then row 2 etc.

1 - a shot from my bedroom window, its always so cloudy (and chilly <3) in the mornings here.
2 - lunch we had at Axis cafe, i got tomato basil soup and crab salad sandwich, with a peach soda!
3 - Down the main hallway of my school, i spend pretty much everyday here.
4,5 - In and around chinatown, looking for a peking duck house.
6,7 - whoops, these are out of order! 6 was taken on the bus going into school in the morning, its still cloudy!  The next is coming home, the clouds have gone and its pretty hot.
8 - A pretty neighborhood where the schools 2nd campus is
9 - Another form my window, nice warm afternoon light

Day 17 - What do you want more than anything right now?

A new sewing machine, now that ive left home i only use the ones at school, but we aren't allowed to use them for personal projects. Its a reasonable policy, but now i have nothing to work with.

I bought this great book on sewing at Kinokuniya, i really want to jump in, but i can't right now x_x.
But on a more realistic scale, id really like an ice cream.

Something else very exciting has happened as well, i won the giveaway on Moko Moko Love! I can't want to use the goodies, im trying to think where to hang the print now! Thank you, Sasa, best of luck to you.

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  1. Wonderful pics! It's so great to get insight into life somewhere so completely different to here.
    I've recently bought a load of Japanese craft and sewing books to try and make some of the beautiful clothes I cannot buy here, but I'm struggling with the translation :( x