Crafts for the Sewing Deficient

So, as ive mentioned before, my move across the country has left me without a sewing machine. Sewing was my passion, i could wake up and do it everyday, but now i find myself hobbyless, idle hands turning to *way too many* hours browsing the internet. Im pretty fed up with this bad habit, so ive been researching some new projects that don't require any expensive tools. The pictures link to their respective tutorials!



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Ive always been very curious about tatting, i first heard of it when i was little from my grandfather, and was piqued because i couldn't imagine what kind of needle work could interest a man like him. The projects above are from the Anticraft and Totusmel. In case you want to be really crafty, or too lazy to seek out a proper craft store, here is a tutorial for a tatting shuttle as well.



Lately ive been obsessed with beaded pendants made from lots of tiny beads. They have a magical charm quality about them, it could also be because ive watched Rosemary's Baby too many times in the last few months >__< . Anyway the first two are free tutorials, from Anticraft and Lark Crafts, i had to search everywhere for a free beaded bead tutorial, Anticraft saved me again. The pearl one is just to victorian style classy, i would like to wear it with a nice one piece. The 3rd tutorial is available on etsy, a bit pricey for a pdf tutorial but her work is just too lovely. Unlike the Anticraft orb, her beads are hollow and form their shape as you go. When i have money to spare i would actually like to buy all her tutorials, this one (the disco ball) is my favorite but the others are just as pretty!

Hat Making

Now i did title this post as for the sewing deficient, but i think hand sewing is best for headgear, and they are small enough projects to not take a lifetime. Like every fall/winter, my fondness for lolita has come out again and i think in lolita the accessories can make the outfit. This section is more difficult a little looser, more like a collection of inspiration and techniques than step by step tutorial. 
  • Ophanim Gothique bonnets, really exquisite stuff by Caro of F*** Yeah Lolita. I would love to commision a piece from her, i especially love the blue one she made for Miss Lumpy.
  • Some tutorials on regency bonnets, how to make a frame and covering it
  • Another regency bonnet tutorial, this one using the brim of a straw visor. I like the shape of the brim, i think you could make the back tighter, cover up the straw and add more decoration to make a lovely lolita style bonnet.
  • This one also uses a visor as a base, though i think this one probably has plastic or cardboard inside the fabric.
Switching gears to other kinds of headgear. I think part of the appeal of these is most of them use such tiny amounts of fabric, you could use leftovers from all your dress' and always have a coordinating hat.

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